Monday, March 9, 2009

International Center of Photography

Well I woke up early Friday morning because this was my museum day! So I got some breakfast at a diner just a couple blocks away from my hotel and had a chicken salad sandwich. I have the habit of watching television when I eat... so I was staring at the little T.V they had hung up on the wall. When suddenly..... DUH DUH DUH They were showing something about a fashion photography and that there was were a gallery thing @ the International Center of Photography. So I took out my Blackberry and jotted down the address and realized it only a couple blocks north from where I was. Then I asked for the check and skipped over to the museum... (not really lol)  I went inside and paid for my ticket. You weren't allowed to take pictures so I pulled out my little red Moleskine notebook to take notes. (thanks Moca) The 2 level of the museum featured work by up and coming photographers that have made an impact over the past 2 years in advertising and magazine editorials. There were a couple that caught my eye like Steven Klien, Mert Alas & Marcus Pigget, Matthias Vrienes, Bruce Weber, Micheal Thompson, Terry Richardson and Sarah Moon. Their work was presented as tear sheets (magazine cut outs) which I thought was very cool.
The first level featured photographs by Edward Steichen and Martin Munkacsi. All of their photos were just breath-taking... Edward Steichen did a lot of studio shots that were gorgeous, simple, and had great lighting. As for Martin Munkacsi his photographs really captured the movement and is known for his cropping techniques. They also had just recently found Martin's originals photographs and got to see them before being cropped... Uhhhh just amazing... 
Overall-> straight from my notes- Fashion photography has def changed these past years. Edward Steichen captured the simplicity and elegance. While Munkacsi captured the movement and cropped out all the excess to get to the point. Upstairs was just an inspiration... filled with magazine cut-outs and style from all around the world. What I noticed was that most of them were telling a story that was beautiful,fun, and witty. And that's something I want to contribute to photographs...  something that is beautiful, creative, exciting, and elegant. To provide that extra kick that makes the picture worth looking at.

Edward Steichen

Greta Garbo

Martin Munkacsi

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