Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm the kind of girl who loves changing hair styles ever 2 months and isn't scared of a little snip snip. So every time I go to the salon I try to change it up and my hair dresser Amy def hooks me up! I met her 3 years ago at Aqua Salon in Ft. Lauderdale, when a friend recommended me and I've been going to her ever since... and because I'm not scared to shave the side of my head and take off 2-3 inches every time I go... it's been a little difficult to grow out my locks. I've been trying to grow it out for a couple months now and even debated getting extensions because I'm so impatient... with that being said... 
Today I went to Sawgrass Mall with my good friend Sandra and had lunch at P.F Changs... we were soo full that we decided to walk it off in the mall... we walked around.. went in some stores.. walked some more.. (bc Sawgrass is seriously a mile long) and stopped at a  kiosk that sells hair extensions... Sandra recognized the girl who worked there and chatted with her, while I was checking out the extensions ... BTW I never stop to ask any questions to ANY kiosk workers because these people will give up their arm for you to buy their shit... But today I was a little open minded and decided to sit down and have her play with my hair... She was new so this other chick helped me out... She took out these LONG ASS extensions and placed them on my head and then started ironing it... The hair color matched my hair exactly and couldn't wait to see my self with long hair finally!
She gives me the mirror and turns me around to see the back... OMG it looks so really... Really pretty! and then turns me around to the front... WTF! I look like Hanna Montana/ Paris Hilton! Def not a good look! LMAO I seriously got freaked out! The sales lady was giving me a very good price...$300 going down to $150... When there a sale like that I cant resist but on top of not having $150 I didn't want to look like a wanna be pop star... I lied and said I would be back later on... Oh man I'm so traumatized that I'm going to call my hair dresser tomorrow for an appointment... CUT OFF 3 INCHES PLEASE! 


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